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The use of different tray materials, the ability to widely vary the dwell time, and being able to use counter-flow, parallel-flow and batch drying techniques, make the tray dryers one of the most flexible types of dehydrator on the market.


The proven, simplified design and relatively low operating costs make the tray dryers and inexpensive alternative to the more costly belt type dryers.

The tray dryer is a well-accepted technology. There are over 2,500 Tunnel Dryers in the state of California alone, used primarily with fruits and vegetables (Prunes, Tomatoes, and Raisins). In Canada, the Columbia makes fruit leather from applesauce. The R-5A Harvest saver is being used to dry everything from fish to flowers. Regardless of the location, product, or climate, the tray dryers are the product of choice when it comes to high quality dehydration for a wide range of food products.